Create a Bee Bug and Butterfly Garden

Task For Children aged 5-12


  1. Learn about bees, bugs and butterflies and what plants attract them to a school or home garden
  2. Plan a garden that provides bees, bugs and butterflies with the resources they need to survive
  3. Plant seeds, seedlings and potted plants


Material Needed

  • Drawing paper, crayons or colour pencils
  • Graph paper for planning the garden layout
  • Pack of seeds or seedlings for plants attractive to bees, bugs and butterflies
  • Gardening supplies (eg. garden mix and potting soil, shovel, rake, hoe)
  • Containers in which to start seeds
  • Containers of plants to be placed in the garden


Teachers Resources  

  • Learn about Our Little Visitors
  • Learn about Bee and Bug hotels 
  • Visit the Heritage Rose and Bee garden on Silloth Green and get information from the Lecturns and from information sheets in holder attached to bug hotel in the middle of the garden.



Children are asked to complete a layout drawing of the proposed garden and ideas for colourful plants attractive to bees, bugs and butterflies. The teacher or her representative will review and discuss the ideas accumulated.