What happens today soon becomes tomorrow’s memory!  Archives are those documents that no longer have an everyday use, yet have been kept because of their historical value and importance for community memories and local identity. In essence they are the ultimate ‘community memory,’  a unique and irreplaceable source of educational information about the past, extending over many years. Images and information archived here are related to the heritage of Silloth Green. The aim is to build and sustain a sense of history in Silloth, and provide opportunity for the local community, children in schools and visitors to the town to learn about the heritage of the Green.

Thanks go to the authors and administrators  of the following publications and social media archives for permitting re-use of information and images on these pages.

Thanks also to Wendy Jameson, Town Clerk, Silloth Town Council for use of images from her Silloth collection.  If you have information, images, photos, videos or recordings related to the Green’s past history or more recent events that will form future memories, please get in touch, so that they can be included in these archives.