Butterflies and moths are a beautiful and important part of the UK’s wildlife. They are highly sensitive indicators of the health of the environment and play crucial roles in the food chain as well as being pollinators of plants.

There are 59 species of Butterfly in the UK, with 41 species recorded in Cumbria.  Silloth Green has a number of gardens, shrub beds, peaceful woodlands and scrub areas which provide some useful habitats for a range of butterflies.

Whilst visiting Silloth Green keep an eye open for our colourful little visitors.

Below are links to some useful websites:-

Butterfly Conservation is a British charity devoted to saving butterflies, moths and their habitats throughout the UK.

Cumbria Branch

Identification Guides – Some useful identification guides for butterflies, moths and caterpillars.

Life Cycles of Britishand Irish Butterflies

Your guide to the life cycles of British and Irish butterflies, including photos and descriptions of all stages and all larval instars.

The Activity Village website has thousands of colouring pages, kids crafts, educational resources, puzzles, printables of all sorts, worksheets, sudoku for kids and lots more fun activities for kids!

Photos of some butterflies seen on Silloth Green:-