Friends of Silloth Green – Annual Report 2020

Report by: Tony Markley

I am extremely privileged to be asked to take over the Chairmanship of Friends of Silloth Green at the 2019 AGM.  My thanks go to the previous Chairman Anthony Reid for the dedicated work he and the volunteer team achieved for the Town.  The volunteer group and myself have met regularly over the year, until this awful Covid-19 virus struck and put everything on hold for the moment.  The growing number of volunteers, rallied round by Carol, attending the weekly gardening /maintenance session on Wednesday mornings followed by refreshments at The Fairy Dust Emporium, is a great achievement for the local community and people visiting the town. There continues to be many hours spent working on the gardens etcby the volunteers alongsidethe Town Council’s grounds maintenance crew,to maintain the high standard required to achieve the Green Flag Award for the seventh year. This would not be awarded without their dedicated work and I thank you all for your continued support. This year saw the refurbished weathervane fitted back to the Pagoda-a great achievement by all concerned. The Fairy doors are been repainted and all being well,people will return and visit this great trail.  The old green shed at the Putting green has been removed by the maintenance crew, with a replacement shed donated by Stanwix Park Holiday Centre to be situated after lockdown ends.Friends of Silloth Green have been successful (thanks to Wendy) in receiving grants from“Lottery 24” and “Hellrigg Community Fund” amounting to £1,896. The money has been used to obtain gardening tools for the volunteers and wildflower seeds to use on projects by Friends of Silloth Green.  Silloth Green flourishes, wild life habitats continue to thrive and all being well, with the support of Friends of Silloth Green, the town will prosper and the Green will continue to be great place for people to visit for their recreation and annual events.

Tony Markley, Chair of Friends of Silloth Green