Clive Firth


Clive has been learning wood carving for over thirty years. He believes the learning process never stops because each piece of timber is different to every other. Clive has demonstrated and exhibited at a great many national woodworking shows and venues. He has been involved with the Solway Woodcarvers, based in the Community Hall on Petteril Street, Silloth since 2006, teaching and encouraging others to have a go and take up wood carving/wood sculpture as a hobby.

Artist Statement

Clive sculpts small and large pieces of the human and animal form in wood. He takes the anatomical structure of the two forms seriously, but does not let this rule the piece to the point where it becomes too clinical or farcical. He sculpts furniture in which the human and or animal form is integral to the piece. He aims to capture movement and strength without overstatement. Clive primarily works with wood since it is readily available in all sizes. However, he never cuts down trees or uses wood that has been cut down specifically for use in his own sculpture or commissioned piece of sculpture.


Clive uses most English woods but tends to prefer Lime, Pear, Ash, and Oak. He also uses sheet materials such as plywood and medium density fibreboard (M.D.F). Clive likes the effect of the grain on laminated plywood. When using it on a figure, he feels it adds and defines the muscular contours of the form, be it human or animal. He also works with other materials such as glass, metal, stone and marble.

Other mediums

Clive also paints using Oils. He tends not to use water colour but does use charcoal for sketching out ideas and designs.


Clive has his own style of working and while he sometimes uses power tools on some of his larger sculptures he prefers traditional methods and tools, such as chisels, gouges and mallet. Their use means the work progresses slower, but he feels it is more rewarding and self satisfying since he becomes more involved with the piece than he would when using power tools alone.