Friends of the Green

After discussion with Silloth Tourist Action Group (STAG) prior to the Green refurbishment, a report was drawn up as part of Heritage Lottery Funding for Stage 2, to identify key goals for a   ‘Friends of the Green’ Group. Aims identified were to:

  • Work for the enhancement, maintenance and use of the Green
  • Work in partnership with the Green management team
  • Protect the facilities of the Green and help improve them
  • Increase public awareness of improvement programmes
  • Provide facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation
  • Raise funds for maintaining and improving the Green
  • Ensure that local people are involved in the future of the Park
  • Leave a legacy
  • Lifelong learning and skills development

Other practical activities identified were to help with:

  • Surveys and other monitoring activity
  • Clean ups and litter picking
  • Renovating key features and long term projects
  • Seasonal planting (eg. Community Garden)
  • Guided Walks
  • Events Organisation
  • Applying for separate funding of their projects

The group were also tasked with arranging guest speakers, instigating repairs to park infrastructure and getting involved in maintenance support; also helping with publicity and marketing, information leaflets, finding  sponsorship and maintaining membership lists. The Friends group have recently regrouped and are now working closely with Anna Malina, the Community Engagement Officer, and in partnership with Silloth Town Council, Silloth Tourist Action Group (STAG), individual events groups and other organisations.  Close collaboration, awareness of  the need to co-ordinate actions and work together will underpin future progress. Friends of the Green membership is open; everyone is free to join the group  (Friends_of_Green_Registration_Application Form). People may also want to volunteer their time to help with events and looking after the Green(Silloth_Green_Volunteer_Application_Form). Joining Friends of the Green is a great opportunity to get to know the Green and expand on what you know of its heritage and features. In addition, it’s often inspiring to share information, so it also provides a good opportunity to interact, celebrate efforts, contribute new ideas and, where possible, participate in the ongoing development and use of the Green. If you would like more information or a hard copy of the Application Form, please contact:

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