The work on the new sea wall and promenade was completed in late 1950 and officially opened in June 1951.

Several new additions were made to the Green in 1953, including a shelter and two lavatories, paddling pool, two further shelters, restoration of hard tennis courts, and seats on the dock wall promenade. In 1954 a commemorative rose garden, designed by the County Surveyor, was built to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

After deliberations in 1963 the Old Baths were finally extended in 1973. The crazy golf was relocated to a variety of sites on The Green until the 1970s after which it has stayed in the current location adjacent to Lawn Terrace. The sewage pumping station was built in 1978 as part of a new sewage scheme for Silloth.

In 1984 a tree maze was planted to celebrate 50 years of Silloth being part of Wigton Rural District Council. The maze was unsuccessful owing to vandalism and the tree posts were disliked, it was therefore removed from The Green.

The schools in Silloth celebrated the Millennium by building a view finder on the hill above the paddling pool. They also made a circular mosaic which was installed on The Green opposite Waver Street.